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I was a quiet kid who loved books, entering my first writing contest in 8th grade with an essay about Noel, the kitten my sister had given me for my 12th birthday, just two months before she died tragically. The essay didn't win, but it was a first step towards moving past the grief. It also incited a hunger for intimate, first-person storytelling that carried through my undergraduate study and much of my graduate work to land me here: an active rescuer, animal advocate, teacher, and writer who loves to tell a good story. (Noel lived a long and very pampered life.)

My writing is complicated by my many loves, including mind-body-spirit concepts and young adult fiction. This is why you'll find my work in textbooks, encyclopedias, commercial nonfiction like Chicken Soup for The Soul, and in stand-alone books covering concepts like reiki, a form of energy work, and adjunct educators in today's unfortunate higher education climate.

In addition to polishing my forthcoming "Hidden Angel" young adult series, I also teach therapeutic bodywork and see clients in my holistic health business, Seven Sacred Breaths, and run a graduate program in a university near Philadelphia.

My journey towards Truth, compassion, and wellness keeps my worlds colliding in the most unexpected ways; jump aboard and join me! I promise you won't be bored.


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Sylvia M DeSantis, M.A., R.M.T.