Scholarly Writing

Although much of my writing has shifted to mind-body-spirit and young adult fiction, I still honor my academic roots.
From Cambridge Scholars Publishing...

Academic Apartheid: Waging the Adjunct War
Ed., Sylvia M. DeSantis, M.A.
Foreword by
Dr. Robert W. Fuller

Now more than ever colleges and universities employ contract workers--adjuncts--to teach courses. These part-time workers cobble together a living wage without benefits, fair pay, or simple resources like office space or a phone.

Academic apartheid is rampant in higher education; the contributors to this anthology live and work on the front lines of this trend, often without respect or resources, and in poverty. The ivory tower is not what it seems, especially for those living on its borders.

From Jones & Bartlett Publishers...

Nursing Informatics:  A Foundation of Knowledge

Whether one is a nursing student poised to enter the field or a seasoned practitioner seeking to stay current, understanding and negotiating nursing informatics is a necessity. The chapters I contributed to this textbook address the fascinating intersection of nursing education, technology, and information literacy, three components whose interplay are absolutely vital to nursing success.