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Nonfiction Writing Workshops
led by Mind/Body/Spirit author Sylvia M. DeSantis, M.A.

Sessions may be taken separately ($65) or as a package ($105 for both).
Publish Your Nonfiction Book, $65
Have you written a nonfiction book but don't know what to do next? Are you confused by the befuddling and often contradictory submission requirements demanded by agents, publishers, and editors? Regardless of the nonfiction you are writing, a perfectly formulated proposal holds the key to success.

This workshop covers proposal-building fundamentals such as components of a successful proposal, how to prioritize your writing (your manuscript will often be the last thing you produce), the many ways in which a fine-tuned proposal will benefit your manuscript writing, how to develop and refine your proposal, and more.
Grab Attention: The Perfect Query Letter; $65

The perfect query letter: writer's bain, editor's breakfast, absolute necessity. The query letter is an engaging cover letter writers include with all submissions, and is the first impression you make on an editor, agent, or publishing house. Did you know most editors receive upwards of 3,000 submissions a month? This means that weak queries = slush pile. (When was the last time slush was a good thing?)

This workshop introduces participants to the necessary components of a strong query letter and dissects successful examples. Participants will have an opportunity to draft a query and receive instructor feedback.