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Sylvia M. DeSantis is an author, professor, and holistic healer who’s been writing about life, angels, the ocean (and cats!) since she was 12. She has won several awards for flash fiction, first-person essays, and young adult fiction, and loves giving readers a look at life through the lens of grit and heart. Her most recent young adult novel, \katastrophe\n. the dramatic actions of kat morgan, is Book I of The Hidden Angel Series.

Strong Girls

So Many Characters

What happens when you write a book full of characters that tumble over each other and overlap in crazy ways? Especially when these kids attend ...
Strong Girls

My Earliest Strong Girl

Have you ever read a book where the author says, “It took a village to get this published” and then thanks a zillion people? I’ve ...

Lily, the Broken Angel

The supernatural isn’t exactly new. Ghost hunting is in, vampires are out, and even if your pets don’t actually answer you when you talk to ...
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